The Eat The Frog Training System is designed to be the ultimate training experience.

Using simple science, we collect baseline data and find the area of fitness you need to work on and prescribe you a personalized training plan. Whether you are an elite athlete or it’s your first time in the gym, the system adapts to your level of fitness.

Following our personalized training plans not only gives you the results you need, but most importantly it keeps you from getting bored! Never again will you lose motivation to workout!



It all starts with the ETF Fit Test right here in our studios! This assessment will find what area of fitness you need to work on, whether it’s CARDIO, STRENGTH, or FLEXIBILITY, the program will develop a personalized training plan or what we call your FX Prescription.

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Our 55 minute sessions consist of Interval Circuit Training, Heart Rate Monitoring and our very own ETF Interval Display System. Showing you what you need to do and how hard you need to work. We offer three specific Training Modes: FX Cardio, FX Strength and FX Flexcore. These are designed by Elite and Olympic athletes, adaptable for every fitness level and proven to get the results you deserve. Whether you are on the Spin Bike, Rower, TRX, Alpha Sand Bags, or working through Dynamic Stretches your training will be fun, efficient and most importantly done with purpose.

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Every 8 weeks of training we will measure your growth by re-taking the ETF Fit Test! This re-­assessment shows your achievements and provides you with a new and challenging FX prescription for your on going training! This is a critical part of the Eat The Frog Training System that keeps you continually improving your fitness in all aspects.

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