The ultimate blend of convenience and quality fitness! Now you can have the effective workouts of personalized small group training at anytime, any day! 

LIve Training

Our premium customized training sessions run daily during primary hours. Live training includes our very own custom designed small group training created by Elite and Olympic level athletes, including our co-founder Bryan Clay. We offer three different training modes based on the three aspects of fitness. Every session is 55 minutes, always starting with dynamic warm ups, interval circuit training and some time for cool down. All sessions are guided by Heart Rate Monitor Tracking and our very own FX Interval Display. Making your workout Fun, Energized, and Efficient.


FX Cardio will have you burning 800 - 1100 calories in 55 min. Its Fast, Fun and Intense! Whether your spinning, rowing, pushing your body weight on the TRX, or lifting Alpha sand bags. This class will shed those pounds!



FX Strength focuses on functional strength. You will get faster. Tone your muscles. Increase power. Now you will have the strength to tackle your day!



FX Flexcore is a blend of intense core strengthening and functional dynamic stretching. This is the one we usually put off. We make increasing your flexibility and core strength fun and effective!



During non-peak times we offer our FX Cardio, FX Strength and FX Flexcore training using our proprietary virtual training system. Now you can get your training in anytime, any day!