Designed by Bryan Clay, Olympic Gold Medalist, Eat The Frog Fitness (ETF Fitness) has created the ultimate small group training program, combining group fitness, personalized coaching and athletic based training all merged into one complete package. Providing a small group training experience that is customized just for you! Whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger or increasing your flexibility, ETF Fitness is designed to get you those results you have been searching for!


Eat The Frog! Mark Twain said if you eat your frog, then all your problems go away. But who wants to eat a frog? What is your frog? Whether we put off specific exercises our body really needs or we just simply don’t work out at all, most of us procrastinate because we just don't like the look or taste of fitness.

Well, we are in the business to stop all fitness procrastination! We have designed a model that makes fitness taste good!

1. Athletic ­Based Periodization Training to Maximize Results

More doesn’t mean better... we don’t believe in writing workouts day by day and pushing our bodies past their limits, instead we’ve taken the methods of periodization training to incorporate blocks of intensity and recovery periods. This process is scientifically proven to keep bodies safe from injury , while maximizing results.

2. Personalized Training Plan Customized for Every Member

No, one size does not fit all... we believe training plans are like fingerprints, unique to the individual. With that in mind, we create a personalized training plan for each member based on their unique FX Profile. This allows for a member's training plan to adapt along with their changing fitness level. It’s about what you need, not what somebody thinks you need!

3. Training with Purpose

We aren’t just another gym or class... we’ve accomplished something unprecedented in the health club industry. We’ve managed to bring fitness professionals, pro athletes, and even the “World’s Greatest Athlete,” Bryan Clay, together to create the most powerful approach to training available. Whether it’s music, lighting, heart­ rate monitoring, functional movements, dynamic stretches, foam rolling, Spin and Row..... Everything we do at Eat The Frog is designed with purpose!

The Origin

Founded by Bryan Clay and Joe Culver, Eat The Frog Fitness is a new fitness training concept born from decades of elite, science-based athletic training and expert knowledge of the fitness industry.

As the USA Decathlon Silver Medalist at the 2004 Olympics and the Gold Medalist at the 2008 Olympics, Bryan earned the esteemed title as the “World’s Greatest Athlete.” Bryan continues to work as Brand Ambassador & Coaching Specialist at Azusa Pacific University and is an investing partner in PK Fitness, focusing on heart rate technology. Joe Culver, has spent the past two decades as an executive for several companies, as well as business entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Thrive Community Fitness and TCF Franchising, Inc.

The concept was created from taking the best areas of fitness and merging them together to create the ultimate training experience. Bryan has taken his expertise from Olympic track and field workouts and simplified the process so that everyone can experience the taste of elite training at their own level.